About Us

Knightland Construction is a fully insured, licensed and bonded contractor located in Seattle, WA.  Our record with the Better Business Bureau and Washington Department of Consumer Affairs is impeccable.

And there’s three main reasons for that…

  • Quality Craftsmanship

  • Unmatched Pricing

  • And Exceptional Service

Quality Craftsmanship – Our craftsman have over 20 years experience. And we never take on a job that we can’t do well.

Unmatched Pricing – Many of the larger home remodeling companies doing business in Washington have more expenses than us.  They have a sales department, a marketing department, a CEO, multiple managers and many other expenses that we don’t have. 

All of those extra expenses they have, gets factored into the price they give you.    

Naturally, the price is much higher than ours.

Exceptional Service – Peter, owner of Knightland Construction, handles all customer requests himself.  There’s no salesmen or inexperienced customer service reps to deal with.  Peter gives you first class service. 

And his estimates are 100% free.