Modern Outdoor Rugs – What to Lookout for When Shopping

Most people don’t realize that outdoor living spaces should also reflect the unique style and design found inside of their homes.  Modern outdoor rugs are a great way to bring some of your personal taste and creativity to the outdoors.  Most indoor outdoor rugs are specifically manufactured with materials that can stand long-term exposure to the elements.  A good outdoor rug should also be able to last the abuse that most outdoor spaces are exposed to including frequent traffic, dirt, debris, and weather related situations.  When shopping for your outdoor area rug always double check to see if the material washing instructions will fit your abilities because some are too heavy to handle especially once dirt and debris enters the crevices.  Another important factor to look out for is the type of material used for instance, natural fibers are best but many times they are too expensive to purchase so try to find one that is made of synthetic or recycled materials.

When installing outdoor area rugs, make sure you allow for plenty of walking room once the furniture and other decorative items are situated.  If you leave a small amount of space for walking through, the rug will likely reflect more wear in that area and much sooner than if people have a larger space to walk through.  Maintaining the rug is also important with frequent vacuuming to remove any debris that could cause damage if left in the same place for a long period of time.  Steam cleaning can be done to most rugs but you should definitely check the labeling on the indoor outdoor rug prior to purchase to make sure that it will withstand vacuuming and steaming if necessary.

Some rugs will come with a limited warranty for the weaving or material so if you do have that guarantee you can return the rug should it become damaged early on once it is installed.  Keep in mind that expensive wool area rugs are not necessary in outdoor spaces because most of the time it is covered with furniture and other items anyway.  Finally the rug color, shape, size, pattern, and style are entirely up to the overall look you are trying to achieve.